The philosophy of the company «KODDIZ» is to create a harmonious space that provides people with a sense of comfort and coziness.
Studio «KODDIZ» first of all works on a combination of architecture, design and ergonomics. The main goal of the work is to create a space that reflects the character, outlook and lifestyle of the client. The starting point is always the personality of the client, his character, mind, desire and passion. At the heart of the «KODDIZ» studio is the creative union of two architects, with more than 10 years of experience, in the design of residential and public spaces - Oleg Kardayev and Daria.

The main activities of the company - design of individual houses and cottages; interior design of office and residential facilities. The portfolio of the workshop is diverse and includes both the interiors of apartments and apartments, and commercial facilities: offices, hotels and business complexes. Projects of «KODDIZ» studio are designed in a modern style, the emphasis on lines, forms and textures determines the energy of style. The interior of open spaces saturated with natural light and air. The concept of a comfortable and functional habitat, where every detail is logically embedded in the context, dominates.

Design of residential interiors

We create a cozy, ergonomic and modern space for life. Design of apartments, apartments and houses in a modern style.

Copyright supervision

Control of compliance of construction works with design documentation. Prompt and qualified introduction of changes to the project at reasonable deviations from the design documentation.

Design of public interiors

Commercial interior design (offices, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels)

Object Collection

A set of works aimed at the timely purchase of all items on the estimates to ensure the fastest possible transition from one stage of construction work to another.

Architectural design

Design of residential and public facilities.


In 2 hours you will receive a detailed consultation from the architect of our studio. Consultation takes place in person or online from anywhere in the world.

Our approach to work

We inspire our customers for a new level of comfort and aesthetics.

We help you realize your dream of an ideal home or open your business idea with the help of the interior.


Step 1 Preparation phase. Drawing up a design statement of work.

Step 2 Object measurements and photofixing.

Step 3 The schedule of work in which terms of development of the design project, and also on each stage of the project separately are specified. Like the terms of reference, the work schedule is an integral part of the contract.

Step 4 The planning solutions are prepared in several variants on the basis of the requirements specification. Each variant is discussed with the customer, corrections are made. The facility layout is approved when it fully reflects the customer’s wishes and is implemented within the framework of regulatory requirements and technical aspects.

Step 5 Stylistic solutions for an object are prepared with the help of collages and an overall concept of object design is created. Collages reflect a sketch of the appearance of the future interior and help to determine the color scheme, finishing materials, etc.

Step 6 Photorealistic renderings fully reflect the appearance of the future interior, from finishing, lighting, furniture to fine decoration. The interior elements for the visualizations are selected based on the agreed budget.

Step 7 Package and specification. Drawing up detailed specifications for furniture, sanitary equipment, lighting fixtures, finishing materials and doors.

Step 8 Preparation of working drawings. When everything is assembled and agreed, working drawings of the project are prepared. The customer is given 2 sets of documentation.

Step 9 Author’s supervision. KODDIZ studio controls the construction works and the accuracy of project implementation. The author’s supervision includes:

– advice and prompt provision of all necessary information on the project, both for builders, engineers and suppliers;

– making changes to the design and providing drawings for the construction site.

– approval of finish coatings and materials.

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More than once I used the services of the studio «KODDIZ» very satisfied with the result. Always as a result I get stylish, fashionable, functional and ergonomic. Thank you for your professionalism, I live in the New interior and enjoy it.

By Marina

Architects of «KODDIZ» studio helped me not only in creating a competent design of my apartment project, but also accompanied the implementation of all ideas. Their professional approach to work allows saving time and nerves. I wish them in the future to create beautiful projects and to please their customers.

By Sofia